Our Story

Hi everyone and welcome to Avid Trotters! Yes, we are yet another travel blog and you might ask why we are trying to add to the chaos of people and blogs out there with our tiny contribution which most likely may not make a difference and the reason is, because we want to! 🙂 Vineet and I have been traveling together for the last 9 years or so and we’ve always relied heavily on our instincts, personal experiences and recommendations over official reviews so this is our small way of giving back and telling you what we did, how we enjoyed it just in case you happen to travel to the same places!

Both of us have regular jobs in the day time (though we do happen to work through the night on occasions), I work in a tech firm and he works for a banking firm. We both began our journeys in India, I’m from Bombay (that’s right, not Mumbai) and he’s from Calcutta (though he landed up in Bombay for his graduation) and we met in college. Nope, not love at first sight, more like friends for years before we began dating each other. He then moved to Hong Kong with work and I worked in Hyderabad for few years before moving to Singapore for a couple and now we’re both settled in Hong Kong. In the time from when we thought of starting this blog, purchased a domain name from GoDaddy + blocked all other social media handles to the time when we’re actually publishing, we’ve also gotten married! Haha.. Clearly our speed of publishing needs to improve!

Between the two of us, I’m the writer, photographer and foodie (esp. since I can eat everything at most places and he has to live with eating bread - butter at places that have no vegetarian options) and he’s the planner, driver, DJ, singer (more like screamer), and the do-everything-else-that’s-needed person. I love museums, architecture, colors and the water. He loves being on the road, exploring tiny hidey-holes, chatting up with locals and becoming one himself. So there you have it, that’s us in a nutshell!

We hope you enjoy being a part of our journeys! Feel free to drop in and ask us questions if you have any!

Keep on traveling!
A & V (yes, that’s why Avid) 🙂

Ayesha Thakkar

Writer, Photographer, Foodie 🙂

Vineet Thakkar

Driver, Planner, Guzler 🙂